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Table 1. Classification and general features of “Enterobacter lignolyticus” SCF1

From: Complete genome sequence of “Enterobacter lignolyticus” SCF1

MIGS ID Property Term Evidence code
  Current classification Domain Bacteria TAS[6]
  Phylum Proteobacteria TAS[7]
  Class Gammaproteobacteria TAS[8,9]
  Order Enterobacteriales TAS[10]
  Family Enterobacteriaceae TAS[1113]
  Genus Enterobacter TAS[11,1316]
  Species “Enterobacter lignolyticus 
  Strain SCF  
  Gram stain negative NAS
  Cell shape rod IDA
  Motility motile via flagella IDA
  Sporulation non-sporulating IDA
  Temperature range Mesophile  
  Optimum temperature 30°C  
  Carbon source glucose, xylose, others; see Table 8 IDA
MIGS-6 Habitat Soil collected from a subtropical lower montane wet forest TAS [17]
MIGS-6.3 Salinity Can tolerate up to 0.75 M NaCl, 1 M KCl, 0.3 M NaOAc, 0.3 M KOAc. Growth in 10% trypticase soy broth is improved with 0.125 M NaCl TAS [5]
MIGS-22 Oxygen facultative aerobe; grows well under completely oxic and anoxic conditions IDA
MIGS-15 Biotic relationship free-living IDA
MIGS-14 Pathogenicity no  
MIGS-4 Geographic location Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico IDA
MIGS-5 Sample collection time July 2009 IDA
MIGS-4.1 Latitude 18.268N IDA
MIGS-4.2 Longitude 65.760 W IDA
MIGS-4.3 Depth 10 cm IDA
MIGS-4.4 Altitude 1027 msl IDA
  1. a) Evidence codes - IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay; TAS: Traceable Author Statement (i.e., a direct report exists in the literature); NAS: Non-traceable Author Statement (i.e., not directly observed for the living, isolated sample, but based on a generally accepted property for the species, or anecdotal evidence). These evidence codes are from the Gene Ontology project [18].