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Table 8. EEG/ERP Data Collection

From: Minimal Information for Neural Electromagnetic Ontologies (MINEMO): A standards-compliant method for analysis and integration of event-related potentials (ERP) data

Term URI (NEMO) Definition
Electrode array (manufacturer) NEMO_3240000 Name of company that produced EEG sensors and sensor array
Electrode array (layout) NEMO_6227000 Number of EEG sensors and topographic layout of sensors
Recording reference NEMO_6771000 10–20 location of electrode(s) used as EEG recording reference
Ground (noise) electrode NEMO_4335000 10–20 location of electrode(s) used as isolated common (aka “ground”)
Scalp-to-electrode impedance threshold NEMO_6541000 Maximum scalp-to-electrode impedance (in Hz)
Amplifier gain   Resolution (in bits/microvolt)
Amplifier input impedance NEMO_2655000 Input impedance to amp (in Hz)
Temporal sampling rate NEMO_2585000 Sampling rate (in ms)
Amplifier filter setting NEMO_1142000 Analog bandpass (in Hz)