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Table 7. Behavioral Data Collection

From: Minimal Information for Neural Electromagnetic Ontologies (MINEMO): A standards-compliant method for analysis and integration of event-related potentials (ERP) data

Term URI (NEMO) Definition
Response collection device NEMO_0000503 A device that is used to record behavioral data
Response type NEMO_0000467 A behavioral process that occurs an experimentin response to stimulus
Response modality NEMO_0000756 Class of body parts used to perform actions that can play the role of a response (cogPO)
Response deadline NEMO_2473000 The maximum time that is allowed for an experiment response
Accuracy (average) NEMO_0000431 The accuracy (correctness) of an experimental response
Response time (average) NEMO_0000433 The latency (onset time) of an experimental response