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Table 5. Experiment Context, Paradigm

From: Minimal Information for Neural Electromagnetic Ontologies (MINEMO): A standards-compliant method for analysis and integration of event-related potentials (ERP) data

Term URI (NEMO) Definition
Experiment Paradigm NEMO_0000379 A factorial design (specification of study variables) that is implemented in an experiment (cf. BrainMapLex)
ECI Software NEMO_1752000 Software application that controls timing of stimulus presentation and recording of behavioral and neural responses
Experiment Condition NEMO_0000382 A recognizable set of experiment features (stimulus and response type, instructions)
Task (Instructions) NEMO_0000383 Explicit direction that guides subject behavior during experiment (cf. BrainMapLex)
Number trials (per condition) NEMO_6697000 The number of trials in an experiment condition