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Table 10. EEG/ERP Data Preprocessing

From: Minimal Information for Neural Electromagnetic Ontologies (MINEMO): A standards-compliant method for analysis and integration of event-related potentials (ERP) data

Term URI (NEMO) Definition
Digital filter transformation NEMO_7669000 Offline removal of signal above or below a certain frequency level
Data cleaning transformation NEMO_4273000 Offline removal of any signal that is not of interest to the researcher
ERP event (for averaging) NEMO_6783000 The role ofan event (e.g., stimulus onset)that is used forEEG averaging
ERP epoch length NEMO_3620000 The durationof an ERP, where the time of the event is designated as time zero.
ERP baseline length NEMO_6232000 The durationof ERP baseline (by default, the end of the baseline is the onset of the ERP)
Offline reference NEMO_0000321 Offline schema used for re-reference
  1. 1 An alternative to the use of a controlled vocabulary is to discover mappings between data annotations [19,20]. However, this process is nontrivial, and its success depends on the nature and amount of variability in the data.