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Table 5. VMGAP to METAREP mapping

From: The Viral MetaGenome Annotation Pipeline (VMGAP): An automated tool for the functional annotation of viral Metagenomic shotgun sequencing data

   METAREP input file VGMAP
Column Field ID Description Description
1 peptide_ID Unique peptide ID Unique peptide ID
2 Library_ID Library ID Library ID
3 com_name Functional description (s) Common Names(s)
4 com_name_src Source of functional description assignment aNRdb BLAST + bFRAGHMM + PFAM +TIGRFAM + PRIAM + CDD +ACLAME
5 go_id Gene Ontology ID (s) Gene Ontology ID (s)
6 go_src Source of Gene Ontology assignment PFAM + TIGRFAM + ACLAME +Com2GO
7 ec_id Enzyme Commission ID (s) Enzyme Commission ID (s)
8 ec_src Source of Enzyme Commission ID TIGRFAM + PFAM + PRIAM
9 hmm_id Hidden Markov Model hits ACLAME, PFAM, TIGRFAM
10 blast_taxon NCBI taxonomy ID Best Blast Hit NRdb
11 blast_evalue BLAST E-Value Best Blast Hit NRdb
12 blast_pid BLAST percent Identity Best Blast Hit NRdb
13 blast_cov BLAST sequence coverage of shortest sequence Best Blast Hit NRdb
14 filter Any filter tag (categorical variable) N/A
  1. aJCVI non-redundant protein database; b, PFAM/TIGRFAM local-local alignment HMM database; c, data not available.