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Figure 3.

From: The Viral MetaGenome Annotation Pipeline (VMGAP): An automated tool for the functional annotation of viral Metagenomic shotgun sequencing data

Figure 3.

Comparative analysis of the functional annotation performance for viral libraries of the VMGAP compared with MG-RAST. Total number of functional assignments represents the amount of peptides from the viral library that gets a name other than “hypothetical protein” or “unknown” (VMGAP) or that does not have a significant hit against any FIGfam (MG-RAST). Unknown proteins are those that do not receive any evidence as described in Figure 1 (VMGAP) or that do not hit any FIGfams (MG-RAST). The following are examples of virus-like keywords used in this analysis: integrase, terminase, polymerase, recombinase, (endo

exo) nuclease, phage, viral, capsid, envelope, filament, and basal plate.

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