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Table 3. Metagenome sequencing project information (MIMS compliance)

From: Metagenomes and metatranscriptomes from the L4 long-term coastal monitoring station in the Western English Channel

MIGS ID Property Jan 3pm Jan 7pm Apr 4pm Apr 10pm Aug 4pm Aug 10pm Aug 4am Aug 10am
35 library reads sequenced 616,793 784,823 637,801 493,003 620,759 524,953 500,117 326,475
32 nucleic acid extraction Gilbert et al. 2008
43 sequencing method 454 Titanium pyrosequencing (GS flx)
46 Assembly none
  INSDC ID SRA009436
  GenBank Date of Release 01-12-2009
  GOLD ID GM00104