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Table 1. Classification and general feature of 8 metagenome datasets according to the MIMS recommendations [5].

From: Metagenomes and metatranscriptomes from the L4 long-term coastal monitoring station in the Western English Channel

MIGS ID Property Term Evidence code
  Current classification Metagenome ecological metagenome marine metagenome TAS [6]
5 Collection date Jan Day: 2008-01-28T15:30 TAS [6]
Jan Night: 2008-01-28T19:00
Apr Day: 2008-04-22T16:00
Apr Night: 2008
Aug 4pm: 2008
Aug 10 pm: 2008
Aug 4 am: 2008
Aug 10 am: 2008
6 Latitude Longitude Jan Day: 50.2518:4.2089 NAS
Jan Night: 50.2611:4.2435
Apr Day: 50.2518:4.2089
Apr Night: 50.2530:4.1875
Aug 4pm: 50.2518:4.2089
Aug 10 pm: 50.2545:4.1990
Aug 4 am: 50.2678:4.1990
Aug 10 am: 50.2665:4.1486
7 Depth 0 NAS
8 Altitude 0 NAS
9 Geographic location/Country England NAS
10 Environment Coastal Marine  
11a Environmental Package See Table 2  
29 Sample collection device or method Large bore peristaltic filtration pump  
30 Sample material processing Water filtered on to a 0.22 µm Sterivex (Millipore) filter and then snap-frozen at −80C  
31 Amount or size of sample collected 10L  
  1. Evidence codes - IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay (first time in publication); TAS: Traceable Author Statement (i.e., a direct report exists in the literature); NAS: Non-traceable Author Statement (i.e., not directly observed for the living, isolated sample, but based on a generally accepted property for the species, or anecdotal evidence). These evidence codes are from the Gene Ontology project [7]. If the evidence code is IDA, then the property was directly observed for a live isolate by one of the authors or an expert mentioned in the acknowledgements.