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Table 4 Subset of Jonction-specific differentially expressed genes of Pseudomonas veronii wild-type during 1 h transition

From: Genome-wide gene expression changes of Pseudomonas veronii 1YdBTEX2 during bioaugmentation in polluted soils

Locus_tag log2 FCa Gene Gene function
PVE_r1g0226 2.84   tail protein
PVE_r1g0616 211 psiF Phosphate starvation-inducible protein PsiF
PVE_r1g0858 2.46 clpB chaperone protein ClpB
PVE_r1g1263 2.17   tail protein
PVE_r1g1264 2.36   phage tail protein
PVE_r1g1271 2.36   pyocin R, lytic enzyme
PVE_r1g1633 2.23   universal stress protein A
PVE_r1g2181 2.10   RND transporter
PVE_r1g2307 3.59   multidrug RND transporter
PVE_r1g2308 3.57   multidrug transporter
PVE_r1g2309 2.29 emrB multidrug export protein EmrB
PVE_r1g2514 2.34 nirG Protein NirG
PVE_r1g2515 2.12 nirL Protein NirL
PVE_r1g2516 2.05 nirD Protein NirD
PVE_r1g2551 2.75 moaA1 cyclic pyranopterin monophosphate synthase 1
PVE_r1g2614 2.96 moaB molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein B
PVE_r1g2615 2.41 moaA molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein A
PVE_r1g2895 2.65   Transposase for insertion sequence element IS1328
PVE_r1g3164 2.33   universal stress protein
PVE_r1g3188 2.26   universal stress protein
PVE_r1g3381 2.43   RND transporter MFP subunit
PVE_r1g3768 2.26   universal stress protein
PVE_r1g4143 2.30 htpG chaperone protein HtpG
PVE_r1g4506 2.17   nitrate reductase
PVE_r1g4749 2.36 arcA arginine deiminase
PVE_r1g4750 2.77 arcB ornithine carbamoyltransferase, catabolic
PVE_r1g4751 2.28 arcC carbamate kinase
PVE_r1g5119 2.63 dnaK chaperone protein DnaK
PVE_r1g5393 2.99 cat catalase
PVE_r1g5544 2.13 soxG sarcosine oxidase subunit gamma
PVE_r1g5545 1.92 soxA Sarcosine oxidase subunit alpha
PVE_r1g5546 2.23 soxD sarcosine oxidase subunit delta
PVE_r1g5547 2.70 soxB Sarcosine oxidase subunit beta
PVE_r2g0272 2.51   Insertion element IS2A uncharacterized 48.2 kDa protein
PVE_r2g0273 2.07 insC1 transposase InsC for insertion element IS2
PVE_r2g0743 2.88 insH5 transposase InsH for insertion sequence element IS5Y
PVE_r2g0813 0.22 merR mercuric resistance operon regulatory protein
PVE_r2g0814 2.30 merT mercuric transport protein
PVE_r2g0815 2.24 merP mercury resistance system
PVE_r2g0816 2.39 merC putative mercury transport protein MerC
PVE_r2g0817 2.25 merA mercuric reductase
PVE_r2g0818 2.29   conserved hypothetical membrane protein
PVE_r2g0819 2.13 merD mercuric resistance transcriptional repressor
PVE_r2g0831 3.43 insH5 transposase InsH for insertion sequence element IS5Y
PVE_r2g0931 7.23 tnpA1 putative transposase, TnpA1
PVE_p0038 2.16   RND transporter
PVE_p0170 2.00   mobile_element
PVE_p0207 2.61   integrase
  1. aIn comparison to 1 h in APM