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Fig. 1

From: Performance evaluation of a new custom, multi-component DNA isolation method optimized for use in shotgun metagenomic sequencing-based aerosol microbiome research

Fig. 1

Overview of the end-to-end MetaSUB method. Air samples collected using SASS 3100 high-volume filter-based air samplers (Research International) on SASS 3100 electret microfibrous filters (Research International) are extracted in NucliSENS lysis buffer (BioMérieux) and centrifuged, resulting in intermediate separation of the filter extract into a pellet and supernatant fraction. The pellet is subjected to additional lysis with MetaPolyzyme (Sigma-Aldrich), a multi-enzyme cocktail, followed by bead beating with ZR Bashing Tubes (Zymo Research) filled with PowerSoil Bead Solution (Qiagen) and Solution C1 (Qiagen). Inhibitor removal and sample clean-up is performed with Solution C2 and C3 (Qiagen). The supernatant and pellet fractions are recombined and DNA purification performed according to the manual protocol of the NucliSENS Magnetic Extraction Reagents kit (BioMérieux)

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