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Table 1 Proteins related to exo- and lipopolysaccharide production with corresponding KO numbers, HMM IDs and genes

From: A long-term field experiment demonstrates the influence of tillage on the bacterial potential to produce soil structure-stabilizing agents such as exopolysaccharides and lipopolysaccharides

Protein KO number HMM ID Gene
polysaccharide export outer membrane protein Wza K01991 PF02563 wza
alginate export outer membrane protein AlgE K16081 PF13372 algE
alginate biosynthesis acetyltransferase AlgJ K19295 PF16822 algJ
colanic acid biosynthesis acetyltransferase WcaB K03819 TIGR04016 wcaB
colanic acid biosynthesis acetyltransferase WcaF K03818 TIGR04008 wcaF
colanic acid/amylovoran biosynthesis pyruvyl transferase WcaK/AmsJ K16710 TIGR04006 wcaK/amsJ
capsular polysaccharide export system permease KpsE K10107 TIGR01010 kpsE
exopolysaccharide biosynthesis transmembrane protein EpsG K19419 PF14897 epsG
exopolysaccharide biosynthesis tyrosine kinase modulator EpsA K19420 TIGR01006 epsA
levansucrase SacB K00692 PF02435 sacB
lipopolysaccharide transport system ATP-binding protein Wzt K09691 PF14524 wzt
LptBFGC lipopolysaccharide export complex permease LptF K07091 TIGR04407 lptF
LptBFGC lipopolysaccharide export complex permease LptG K11720 TIGR04408, PF03739 lptG
LptBFGC lipopolysaccharide export complex inner membrane protein LptC K11719 TIGR04409, PF06835 lptC