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Table 6 Prevalence and distribution of pESA3 alleles associated with the virulence plasmid and pESA2/pCTU3 plasmids harbored by 26 spice-associated C. sakazakii isolates

From: Draft genomes of Cronobacter sakazakii strains isolated from dried spices bring unique insights into the diversity of plant-associated strains

No. of C. sakazakii pESA3/pCTU1 (incFIB, repA) No. of isolates with the indicated plasmidotypea
cpa T6SS FHA Iron acquisition Other plasmidsb
cpa Int L vgrG R end Int R fhaB eitA iucC pESA2/pCTU2 pCTU3 (incH1)
26 26 (100) 26 (100) 26 (100) 7 (27) 11 (42) 3 (12) 6 (23) 26 (100) 26 (100) 1 (4) 5 (21)
  1. aNumbers within parentheses are the percentage of PCR-positive strains for each gene locus in relation to the total number of plasmid- harboring spice-associated C. sakazkaii strains
  2. bOnly 24 strains were analyzed by PCR for presence of pESA2 and pCTU3 (MOD1_788569 and MOD1_O123mB strains were not analyzed). Therefore, the percent positive for pESA2 and pCTU3 were calculated using a total number of 24 strains