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Table 3 Genome statistics

From: The draft genome sequence of “Nitrospira lenta” strain BS10, a nitrite oxidizing bacterium isolated from activated sludge

Attribute Value
Genome size (bp) 3,756,190
DNA coding (bp) 3,487,097
DNA G + C (%) 57.9
DNA scaffolds 22
Total genes 3968
Protein coding genes 3907
RNA genes 61
rRNA genes 3
tRNA genes 46
Pseudo genes 0
Genes in internal clusters
Genes with function prediction 1990
Genes assigned to COGs 2609
Genes with Pfam domains 3868
Genes with signal peptidesa 196
Genes with transmembrane helices 965
CRISPR repeats 0
  1. aOnly signal peptides with a prediction probability greater 70% were taken into consideration