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Table 5 Identified bioremediation associated genes in PAMC21323

From: Complete genome sequence of Planococcus sp. PAMC21323 isolated from Antarctica and its metabolic potential to detoxify pollutants

Function Enzyme Locus_tag
Aromatic hydrocarbon degradation Extradiol dioxygenase Plano_2898 Plano_2901 Plano_0315
Pentachlolophenol-4-monooxygenase Plano_2834   
Nitroalkane degradation Nitropropane dioxygenase Plano_2019 Plano_2569  
Nitroreductase Plano_0226 Plano_0336 Plano_2301
Azoreductase Plano_0380   
Metal ion detoxification Arsenate reductase Plano_0840 Plano_1482 Plano_0928
Mecuric ion reductase Plano_1475   
Tellurite resistance TelA Plano_1607   
TehB Plano_1454