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Fig. 3

From: One complete and three draft genome sequences of four Brochothrix thermosphacta strains, CD 337, TAP 175, BSAS1 3 and EBP 3070

Fig. 3

Circular views of genome sequences of Brochothrix thermosphacta CD 337 (a), B. thermosphacta TAP 175 (b), B. thermosphacta BSAS1 3 (c), and B. thermosphacta EBP 3070 (d). The circular display shows, from outside to inside: (i) GC percentage; (ii) Predicted CDSs transcribed in the clockwise direction; (iii) Predicted CDSs transcribed in the counterclockwise direction. In (ii) and (iii), red and blue colors represent MaGe validated annotations, orange color represents the MicroScope automatic annotation with a reference genome, and the purple color represents Primary/Automatic annotations; (iv) GC skew (G + C/G-C) and (v) color-code representing rRNA (blue), tRNA (green), miscellaneous RNA (orange), Transposable elements (pink) and pseudogenes (grey)

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