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Fig. 4

From: Insights into the draft genome sequence of bioactives-producing Bacillus thuringiensis DNG9 isolated from Algerian soil-oil slough

Fig. 4

Secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene cluster organization in DNG9. Gene clusters for zwittermycin A (a), petrobactin (b), and polyhydroxyalkanoate (c) biosynthesis as predicted by antiSMASH 4.0. The DNG9 biosynthetic gene cluster is color coded with respect to its homology (%) to the known biosynthetic gene cluster. Gene cluster for three lanthipeptide class I (d), lanthipeptide class I (e) and lanthipeptide class II (f) biosynthesis as predicted by BAGEL 4.0. Color legend for Fig. 4d, e, f is presented in G

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