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Table 6 CSIs that are specific for O. trichoides, ‘Ca. Chloranaerofilum corporosum’, O. trichoides, ‘Ca. Chloroploca asiatica’ and ‘Ca. Viridilinea mediisalina’

From: Draft genome sequences of ‘Candidatus Chloroploca asiatica’ and ‘Candidatus Viridilinea mediisalina’, candidate representatives of the Chloroflexales order: phylogenetic and taxonomic implications

Protein name GI number Indel size Indel position
(a) CSIs that are specific for the Viridilinea + Chloroploca + Chloranaerofilum
 Phosphoglycerate kinase WP_044200294.1 1 aa Ins 54–55
 Heat-inducible transcription repressor HrcA WP_006560707.1 1 aa Ins 131–132
 UMP kinase WP_006562130.1 1 aa Del 23
(b) CSIs that are specific for the Viridilinea + Oscillochloris + Chloroploca + Chloranaerofilum
 Threonine synthase WP_006561465.1 1 aa Del 304–305
 Glutamate 5-kinase WP_044201831.1 2 aa Ins 65–66