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Fig. 2

From: Draft genome sequences of ‘Candidatus Chloroploca asiatica’ and ‘Candidatus Viridilinea mediisalina’, candidate representatives of the Chloroflexales order: phylogenetic and taxonomic implications

Fig. 2

Neighbor-joining phylogenetic tree inferred from the concatenated amino acid sequences of the core proteins showing the phylogeny of the representatives of the Chloroflexineae suborder. A total of 52,793 positions in the final dataset were analyzed. The bootstrap values obtained with the neighbor-joining methods are based on 1000 replicates. The scale bars represent a 5% amino acid sequence divergence. The accession number for ‘Ca. Chloranaerofilum corporosum’ corresponds to RAST, and the accession number for ‘Ca. Chlorothrix halophila corresponds to IMG database. The other accession numbers correspond to GenBank

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