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Table 7 Metagenome properties

From: Functional and taxonomic classification of a greenhouse water drain metagenome

Label Metagenome label Comment
Number of contigs 7003  
GBp 11.0 GBp  
Number of features identified 25,735 Total number of predicted protein features from the assembly
CDS 21,700 Total number of proteins annotated by Blast2GO and Interpro.
rRNA 18,612 Total number of reads determined as ribosomal genes using RiboPicker version 0.4.3.
CDSs with GO 14,328 Number of proteins with GO terms.
Number of reads mapped to a protein.
CDSs with UniRef90 1,619,062
CDS with SEED subsystem 786,622
Alpha diversity 2.04 and 1.99 Alpha diversity was determinate at order level comparing MG-RAST and Kraken results. Shannon index was measured using Phyloseq.