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Table 5 Metagenome statistics

From: Functional and taxonomic classification of a greenhouse water drain metagenome

Label Metagenome Label Comment
Libraries used Drain-A and Drain-B We performed the assembly using all the reads of the two libraries that passed quality filters.
Assembly tool(s) used IDBA-UD and MetaSpades and merged with nucmer 20–125 of k-mer length (IDBA-UD) 21–121 (MetaSpades)
Number of contigs after assembly 7003 These numbers correspond to the best assembly merged using nucmer.
Number of singletons after assembly N/A MetaSpades and IDBA-UD were used in pre-correction mode to discard singletons k-mers.
Total bases assembled 859,091,400 Total base pairs in the assembly.
Contig n50 4246  
% of Sequences assembled 97% The fraction of the input data in the assembly.
Measure for % assembled 79% The method used for calculating % assembled was determinate by read mapping using BWA (default parameters) against final assembly and considering the total reads (7,208,266 reads)