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Fig. 5

From: Complete genome sequence of the halophile bacterium Kushneria konosiri X49T, isolated from salt-fermented Konosirus punctatus

Fig. 5

Carotenoid biosynthesis pathway in K. konosiri X49T. GGPP synthase, geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase; PSY, phytoene synthase; PDS, phytoene desaturase; LCY-β, lycopene beta-cyclase; LCY-ε, lycopene ε-cyclase; β-CHX, beta-carotene 3-hydroxylase; ε-CHX, ε-carotene 3-hydroxylase. The font in gray color represents missing enzyme-coding genes and unproduced pigment in K. konosiri X49T

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