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Table 3 Summary of genome: one chromosome and six plasmids

From: Complete genome sequence of the nitrogen-fixing bacterium Azospirillum humicireducens type strain SgZ-5T

Label Size (bp) Topology INSDC identifier RefSeq ID
Chromosome 3,181,617 Circular CP015285.1 NZ_CP015285.1
pYZ1 715,112 Circular CP028902.1 NA
pYZ2 1,008,603 Circular CP028903.1 NA
pYZ3 252,411 Circular CP028904.1 NA
pYZ4 338,445 Circular CP028905.1 NA
pYZ5 626,509 Circular CP028906.1 NA
pYZ6 711,682 Circular CP028907.1 NA