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Fig. 2

From: Complete genome sequence of “Thiodictyon syntrophicum” sp. nov. strain Cad16T, a photolithoautotrophic purple sulfur bacterium isolated from the alpine meromictic Lake Cadagno

Fig. 2

Phylogenetic tree indicating the position of “T. syntrophicum” sp. nov. strain Cad16T relative to other genomes sequenced within the family Chromatiaceae. The tree was inferred from 16S rRNA sequences (≥ 1300 bp) using the maximum likelihood algorithm of the IQ-TREE software [62]. 1000 bootstrap replicates were performed. Numbers at the nodes indicate the SH-aLRT support (%) and ultrafast bootstrap support (%), respectively. Asterisk mark strains with complete genome sequences available. Open circles as node shapes indicate bootstrap support values below 50%

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