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Table 3 Genome statistics

From: High quality draft genome sequence of Mycoplasma testudineum strain BH29T, isolated from the respiratory tract of a desert tortoise

Attribute Value % of Total
Genome size (bp) 960,895 100.00
DNA coding (bp) 865,251a 90.05c
DNA G + C (bp) 264,678 27.54c
DNA scaffolds 25 100.00
Total genes 829 100.00
Protein coding genes 788 95.05d
RNA genes 35 4.22d
Pseudo genes 6 0.72d
Genes in internal clusters
Genes with function prediction 370b 46.95e
Genes assigned to COGs 539 68.40e
Genes with Pfam domains 558 70.81e
Genes with signal peptides 78 9.90e
Genes with transmembrane helices 217 27.54e
CRISPR repeats 4
  1. aProtein-coding sequences, not including stop codons
  2. bProteins not annotated as “hypothetical protein” by PGAP
  3. cRelative to genome size
  4. dRelative to total number of genes
  5. eRelative to protein-coding genes