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Fig. 2

From: Genome sequence of Acuticoccus yangtzensis JL1095T (DSM 28604T) isolated from the Yangtze Estuary

Fig. 2

Phylogenetic tree illustrating the relationship between Acuticoccus yangtzensis JL1095T and other validly published species. The tree was constructed with MEGA 5.05 software by using the neighbor-joining (NJ) method for 16S rRNA gene sequences. Accession numbers in the GenBank database are shown in parentheses. Reference sequences from relative strains that has been sequenced and obtained a public genome are in blue font, while the JL1095T sequence is in blue bold font. The numbers at the nodes indicate bootstrap percentages based on 1000 replicates; only values higher than 50% are shown. Bar, 0.02 substitutions per nucleotide position. Thauera aminoaromatica S2T was used to root the tree

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