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Fig. 3

From: Draft genome sequences of three fungal-interactive Paraburkholderia terrae strains, BS007, BS110 and BS437

Fig. 3

Circular view of genome sequences (each consisting of several replicons) of Paraburkholderia terrae (a) strain BS110, (b) strain BS007 and (c) strain BS437. The circular display shows, from outside to inside: (i) GC percentage; (ii) Predicted CDSs transcribed in the clockwise direction; (iii) Predicted CDSs transcribed in the counterclockwise direction. (purple colour in (2) and (3) represents Primary/Automatic annotations), (iv) GC skew (G + C/G-C) and (v) color-code representing rRNA (blue), tRNA (green), miscellaneous RNA (orange), Transposable elements (pink) and pseudogenes (grey)

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