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Fig. 1

From: Draft genome sequences of three fungal-interactive Paraburkholderia terrae strains, BS007, BS110 and BS437

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic tree of selected Burkholderia and Paraburkholderia strains based on 16S rRNA gene sequences (a) and on alignment of seven concatenated core genes (aroE, dnaE, groeL, gyrB, mutL, recA, and rpoB) (b). Evolutionary distance were computed with MEGA7 using the maximum-likelihood method. The bootstrap values above 50% (from 1000 replicates) are indicated at the nodes. P. terrae strains BS007, BS110 and BS437 were all found to  belong to clade II. Clade I mainly consists of pathogenic Burkholderia species, while clade II, mainly consisting of environmental strains, was assigned to the new genus Paraburkholderia . See Sawana et al. [3]

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