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Fig. 4

From: Draft genome sequence of Streptomyces hyaluromycini MB-PO13T, a hyaluromycin producer

Fig. 4

Putative biosynthetic pathways of hyarulomycin, rubromycin and griseorhodin. Each step is catalyzed by enzymes encoded following genes as proposed in griseorhodin biosynthesis [4]. 1grhA/rubA/orf1-742 (KSα), grhB/rubB/orf1-741 (KSβ) and grhC/rubC/orf1-740 (ACP); 2grhE/rubK?/orf1-769?, grhQ/rubE/orf1-744, grhS/rubD/orf1-743 and grhT/rubF/orf1-739, 3grhO8/rubO/orf1-750, grhO9/rubP/orf1-749 (monooxygenases), grhL/−/orf1-751 (MT), grhM/rubQ/orf1-748 (unknown) and grhP/rubR/orf1-746 (asparagine synthase); 4grhO5/rubL/orf1-755 (monooxygenase) and grhO1/rubI/orf1-758 (oxygenase)?; 5grhO6/rubN/orf1-753 (monooxygenase) and grhJ/−/orf1-756 (acetyltransferase)?; 6grhO10/rubG/orf1-738 (KR) or grhT/rubF/orf1-739 (cyclase/reductase); 7grhO3/rubU/orf1-735 (cytochrome P450), grhO4/−/− (ferredoxin) and grhO7/−/orf1-752 (oxidoreductase). Homologs are connected with slashes in order of rubromycin/griseorhodin/hyarulomycin. ACP, acyl carrier protein; CLF, chain length factor; Fd, ferredoxin; KS, ketosynthase; KR, ketoreductase; MT, methyltransferase; −, no homolog in the sequence

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