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Table 2 Project information

From: Draft genome sequences of Bradyrhizobium shewense sp. nov. ERR11T and Bradyrhizobium yuanmingense CCBAU 10071T

MIGS ID Property Term, ERR11T Term, CCBAU 10071T
MIGS 31 Finishing quality High-quality draft High-quality draft
MIGS-28 Libraries used Illumina std. shotgun library Illumina std. shotgun library
MIGS 29 Sequencing platforms Illumina HiSeq 2500, Illumina HiSeq 2500–1 TB Illumina HiSeq 2500, Illumina HiSeq 2500–1 TB
MIGS 31.2 Fold coverage 225.2X 279.9×
MIGS 30 Assemblers Velvet (version 1.2.07), Allpaths–LG (version r46652) Velvet (version 1.2.07), Allpaths–LG (version r46652)
MIGS 32 Gene calling method Prodigal Prodigal
  Locus Tag ATF67 ATF66
  GenBank ID FMAI01000000 FMAE01000000
  GenBank Date of Release 01-AUG-2016 01-AUG-2016
  GOLD ID Gp0108279 Gp0108280
MIGS 13 Source Material Identifier ERR11 CCBAU 10071
  Project relevance Symbiotic N2 fixation, agriculture Symbiotic N2 fixation, agriculture