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Fig. 5

From: High-quality draft genome sequence of Ensifer meliloti Mlalz-1, a microsymbiont of Medicago laciniata (L.) miller collected in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Fig. 5

Graphical map of the scaffolds; a A3CADRAFT_scaffold_54.55, b A3CADRAFT_scaffold_61.62, (c) A3CADRAFT_scaffold_63.64, d A3CADRAFT_scaffold_71.72 and e A3CADRAFT_scaffold_74.75 of Ensifer meliloti Mlalz-1 showing the location of common nodulation (nod) and fixation (nif and fix) genes within the symbiotic regions of this strain. From bottom to the top of the scaffold map: Genes on reverse strand (color by COG categories as denoted by the IMG platform), genes on forward strand (color by COG categories), RNA genes (tRNAs green, sRNAs red, other RNAs black), GC content, GC skew

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