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Fig. 3

From: High-quality draft genome sequence of Ensifer meliloti Mlalz-1, a microsymbiont of Medicago laciniata (L.) miller collected in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Fig. 3

a Map of Ensifer meliloti Mlalz-1: A3CADRAFT_scaffold_ 5.6. b Genetic organization of the T2SS clusters in E. meliloti Mlalz-1 (Emel Mlalz-1), Ensifer fredii HH103 (Efre HH103) and Ensifer fredii NGR234 (Efre NGR234). J, gspJ; I, gspI; H, gspH; F, gspF; E, gspE; K, gspK; C, gspC; M, gspM; L, gspL; G, gspG; O, gspO; D, gspD. c Schematics of the T2SS of Gram-negative bacteria [43]. The secretin, GspD (A3CADRAFT_01569); the polytopic protein, GspF (A3CADRAFT_01561); the cytoplasmic ATPase, GspE (A3CADRAFT_01562); the major pseudopilin component, GspG (A3CADRAFT_01567); the minor pseudopilins, GspH (A3CADRAFT_01560), GspI (A3CADRAFT_01559), GspJ (A3CADRAFT_01558) and GspK (A3CADRAFT_01563); the bitopic proteins, GspL (A3CADRAFT_01566), GspC (A3CADRAFT_01564) and GspM (A3CADRAFT_01565); the peptidase, GspO (A3CADRAFT_01568)(GspS is absent from Mlalz-1); OM, outer membrane; PG, peptidoglycan; IM, inner membrane

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