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Fig. 4

From: High-quality genome sequence of the radioresistant bacterium Deinococcus ficus KS 0460

Fig. 4

Expanded protein families in D. ficus KS 0460. a Protein families with 15 or more paralogs in D. ficus genome. COG number and family name are indicated on the left. b Comparison of protein families found to be specifically expanded in Deinococcus species. Numbers of proteins correspond to a sum of all COG members indicated in parenthesis on the left. Abbreviations: DF, D. ficus KS 0460; DR, D. radiodurans BAA-816; DG, D. geothermalis DSM 11300; DD, D. deserti VCD115; TT, Thermus thermophiles HB27. Results for DinB/YfiT family were identified using COG2318 and pfam05163

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