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Fig. 2

From: High-quality genome sequence of the radioresistant bacterium Deinococcus ficus KS 0460

Fig. 2

Deinococcus ficus KS 0460 (EXB L-1957) phenotype. a Transmission electron micrograph. D. ficus grown in TGY, early-stationary phase. b Survival of D. radiodurans BAA-816 (red), D. ficus (blue), and E. coli (strain K-12, MG1655) (black) exposed to acute IR. The indicated strains were inoculated in liquid TGY and grown to OD600 ~ 0.9. Cells were then irradiated on ice with Co-60. c D. ficus is an aerobe capable of growth under 62 Gy/h. DR, D. radiodurans; DF, D. ficus; EC, E. coli. d PFGE of genome partitions in a 0.9% agarose gel. PFGE conditions: 0.5 × TBE, 6 V/cm with a 10 to 100 s switch time ramp at an included angle of 120°, 14 °C, 18 h. M, marker S. cerevisiae YNN (BioRad). e Growth curves at 37 °C (blue) and 32 °C (black) in TGY medium. f ICP-MS on Mn and Fe content of D. radiodurans BAA-816 and D. ficus. Inset: Mn/Fe ratios. g Protease secretion assay. Halos indicate activity of proteases [60]. Strains: 1. D. radiodurans BAA-816, 2. D. geothermalis DSM 11300, 3. D. ficus KS 0460, 4. D. murrayi (MD591), 5. D. radiopugnans (MD567), 6. D. radiodurans (MD878, SX-108-7B-1, [61]), 7. D. proteolyticus (MD568), 8. D. proteolyticus (MD628, [62]), and 9. D. proteolyticus (MD869). h Antioxidant capacities of D. radiodurans BAA-816 (red), D. ficus (blue), and E. coli (strain K-12, MG1655) (black) ultrafiltrates assessed by antioxidant assay as described previously [63, 64]. Net AUC is an integrative value of a total fluorescence during antioxidant reaction in the presence of ultrafiltrates

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