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Table 7 Xanthomad Non-TAL Effector families found in MSCT1

From: The genome of the cotton bacterial blight pathogen Xanthomonas citri pv. malvacearum strain MSCT1

Family Refseq_ID BlastP HIT Notes REF
XopAG WP_033479491.1 CAP49915.1 HR response in Grapefruit [55]
XopK WP_005915119.1 CAP50604.1 Unclear role in virulence [52, 83, 84]
XopP WP_069288200.1 CAJ22867.1 Suppresses immune response in rice [49]
XopR WP_005923840.1 BAE70889.1 Suppression of MAMP-triggered immune responses [48, 53, 54]
XopT WP_069288215.1 BAE68965.1 - [83]
XopZ1 WP_005914471.1 BAE69157.1 Contributes to virulence in rice [51, 52]
AvrBs2 WP_033481547.1 CAJ21683.1 Suppresses rice immunity [50]