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Fig. 4

From: Neisseria lactamica Y92–1009 complete genome sequence

Fig. 4

Graphic showing phage related proteins identified in the intact prophage by PHAST. The diagram above was annotated by and imported from the PHAST-prophage database. Twenty-six hypothetical proteins were removed from the schematic to increase the clarity of the phage related proteins. The proteins above the black line indicating genome position are encoded 5′ to 3′ while the proteins under it are encoded 3′ to 5′. The abbreviations in the diagrams are as follows Att (phage attachment site), Coa (Phage coat protein), fib (Phage Tail Fiber), Int (Phage integrase) Pla (Phage plate protein), PLP (Phage like protein), Por (Portal protein) sha (Phage tail shaft protein) Ter (Terminase)

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