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Fig. 2

From: Neisseria lactamica Y92–1009 complete genome sequence

Fig. 2

Phylogenetic tree indicating the position of N. lactamica Y92–1009 amongst other pathogenic and commensal Neisseria. This tree was constructed based on a core genome comparison of a collection of 32 Neisseria assemblies generated using the genome comparator tool available on The reconstructed evolutionary relationships among N. meningitidis (Red, n = 2), N. gonnorhoeae (Red, n = 1), N. cinerea (Yellow, n = 1) and N. lactamica (Black, n = 27) are shown. The genome sequenced here, N. lactamica Y92–1009 is outlined in cyan (Nla_PacBio|ST_3493). This analysis included the sequenced genome and the best representative assembly for every identified sequence type (ST) of this species. The tree was generated using FastTree v.2 [13] and edited using Figtree v.1.4.3 [14]. The tree is drawn to scale, with branch length units being expressed as an overall proportion of divergence based on the comparison of 1629 genes

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