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Table 2 Project information

From: Genomics insights into production of 2-methylisoborneol and a putative cyanobactin by Planktothricoides sp. SR001

MIGS ID Property Term
MIGS 31 Finishing quality Draft
MIGS-28 Libraries used Illumina Truseq Nano DNA Library Prep Kit
MIGS 29 Sequencing platforms HiSeq Rapid V2 sequencing Run
MIGS 31.2 Fold coverage 150
MIGS 30 Assemblers CLC Genomics Workbench 8.0
MIGS 32 Gene calling method Prodigal
  Locus Tag AM228
  Genbank ID LIUQ00000000
  GenBank Date of Release August 31, 2015
  GOLD ID Ga0099329
MIGS13 Project relevance Cyanobacterial ecology, Environmental