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Fig. 1

From: High quality draft genome sequence of Janthinobacterium psychrotolerans sp. nov., isolated from a frozen freshwater pond

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic relationship between Janthinobacterium psychrotolerans S3-2T (shown in bold) and other closely related strains. The sequence alignment of 16S rRNA genes was generated using the Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) Aligner tool [32] and manually optimized with ARB [33]. The shown maximum likelihood tree was inferred based on the General Time Reversible (GTR) model with gamma rate heterogeneity as implemented in RAxML 7.4.2 [34]. Bootstrap support (1,000 replicates) of >70% is shown next to the branches. The genus Polymucleobacter was used to root the tree (not shown in the figure). Scale bar, 0.1 substitutions per nucleotide position. Star represents species with available sequenced genome in NCBI

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