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Table 5 Modular PKS and NRPS gene clusters in Micromonospora sp. DSW705

From: Draft genome sequence of Micromonospora sp. DSW705 and distribution of biosynthetic gene clusters for depsipeptides bearing 4-amino-2,4-pentadienoate in actinomycetes

Gene cluster Encoded in No. of modular PKS and NRPS genes No. of modules Backbone of predicted product
pks/nrps-1 (rak) scaffold 2 6 7 R-C3-C3 a-Ser-C2-Gly-X
pks/nrps-2 scaffold 2 6 6 X-X-X-?-C2-Ser
pks/nrps-3 scaffold 2 5 6 X-X-?-C2-Asn-Ser
pks-1 scaffold 2 12 33 R-C2-C3-C2-C2-C2-C2-C2-C4-C2-C2-C2-C2-C2-C2-C2-C2-C2-C?-C2-C3-C2-C2-C3-C2-C3-C3-C2-C3-C3-C3-C2-C2
pks-2 scaffold 5 1 1 C2
pks-3 scaffold 24 1 1 C2
nrps-1 scaffold 2 2 2 X-Ala
  1. R starter molecule, C 3 C3 unit derived from methylmalonyl-CoA, C 2 C2 unit derived from malonyl-CoA, X amino acid unpredicted, ? lack of A domain in the NRPS module, C 4 C4 unit derived from ethylmalonyl-CoA or methoxymaronyl-CoA, C ? substrate of AT domain was not predicted
  2. aAlthough antiSMASH predicted that the AT domain incorporates malonyl-CoA as the substrate, the signature sequence for substrate determination is not HAFHS for malonyl-CoA but TSSHS likely for methylmaronyl-CoA [33]