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Table 2 Project information

From: The complete genome sequences of sulfur-oxidizing Gammaproteobacteria Sulfurifustis variabilis skN76T and Sulfuricaulis limicola HA5T

MIGS ID Property Sulfurifustis variabilis skN76T Sulfuricaulis limicola HA5T
Term Term
MIGS 31 Finishing quality Completed Completed
MIGS-28 Libraries used 15–20 kb SMRTbellTM library 10–20 kb SMRTbellTM library
MIGS 29 Sequencing platforms PacBio RS II PacBio RS II
MIGS 31.2 Fold coverage 210 × 142 ×
MIGS 30 Assemblers RS_HGAP Assembly.2 RS_HGAP Assembly.3
MIGS 32 Gene calling method Microbial Genome Annotation Pipeline Microbial Genome Annotation Pipeline
  Locus Tag SVA SCL
  Genbank ID AP014936 AP014879
  GenBank Date of Release July 29, 2016 July 29, 2016
MIGS 13 Source Material Identifier DSM 100313 DSM 100373
  Project relevance Environmental Environmental