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Table 2 Project information

From: Complete genome sequence of the Antarctic Halorubrum lacusprofundi type strain ACAM 34

MIGS ID Property Term
MIGS-31 Finishing quality Finished
MIGS-28 Libraries Used 3 kb, 8 kb, and fosmid DNA
MIGS-29 Sequencing platforms ABI3730
MIGS-31.2 Fold coverage 12.5×
  Sequencing quality Less than one error per 50 kb
MIGS-30 Assemblers Phrap
MIGS-32 Gene calling method CRITICA, GLIMMER, GenePRIMP
  Locus tag Hlac
  GenBank IDs CP001365, CP001366, CP001367
  GenBank date of release February 4, 2009
  GOLD ID Gc00952
  NCBI project ID 18455
  IMG Taxon ID 643692025
MIGS-13 Source material identifier ATCC 49239, DSM 5036
  Project relevance Tree of Life, cold adaptation