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Fig. 4

From: Complete genome sequence of Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus strain AHT2T, a haloalkaliphilic sulfidogen from Egyptian hypersaline alkaline lakes

Fig. 4

A comparison of the thiosulfate reductase (phs) and sulfur reductase (psr) gene annotation. a The phs (grey) and psr (yellow) gene clusters and how similar they are to a phs/psr gene cluster in D. alkaliphilus AHT2T (blue) based on BLAST analysis [47]. b A phylogenetic tree of an orthologous group of the psrA gene derived from EggNOG (ENOG4107QY8) [31]. Sequences annotated as phs are indicated in grey and sequences annotated as psr are coloured in yellow. The orthologous genes in D. alkaliphilus AHT2T are coloured in blue, and white with a blue outline

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