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Table 1 Reynolds numbers exhibited by various organisms (after [19])

From: Advances in biodiversity: metagenomics and the unveiling of biological dark matter

Organism, moving in fluid medium Reynolds number
A large whale, swimming at 10 m/s 300,000,000
A tuna also swimming at 10 m/s 30,000,000
A duck, flying at 20 m/s 300,000
A large dragonfly, going 7 m/s 30,000
A copepod in a speed burst of 0.2 m/s 300
Flapping wings of the smallest flying insects 30
An invertebrate larva, 0.3 mm long, at 1 mm/s 0.3
A sea urchin sperm at 0.2 mm/s 0.03
A bacterium, “swimming” at 0.01 mm/s 0.00001