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Table 5 Homologues of type III effector proteins

From: Draft genome sequences of three Xanthomonas translucens pathovar reference strains (pv. arrhenatheri, pv. poae and pv. phlei) with different specificities for forage grasses

Effector classa LMG 727b LMG 728b LMG 730b Identity (%) E-value
AvrBs2 XTALMG727_3766 XTPLMG728_3304 XTPLMG730_3385 92.04 0.0
XTALMG727_3767 XTPLMG728_3305 XTPLMG730_3384 89.37 0.0
XopAA XTALMG727_0004* XTPLMG728_1109* XTPLMG730_1729 79.86 0.0
N XTPLMG728_0423 N   
N XTPLMG728_0424 N   
N XTPLMG728_0425 N   
N XTPLMG728_0426* N   
XopAD XTALMG727_0614 XTPLMG728_3670 XTPLMG730_1368 91.65 0.0
XTALMG727_1307 N N   
XopAH N N XTPLMG730_1645*   
XopB XTALMG727_0958* XTPLMG728_0265* XTPLMG730_1037 83.91 0.0
N N XTPLMG730_1038*   
XopC XTALMG727_2735 XTPLMG728_0929 XTPLMG730_2930 93.06 0.0
XopE N N XTPLMG730_2339*   
XopF XTALMG727_0160 XTPLMG728_3393* XTPLMG730_0026* 95.18 0.0
XTALMG727_0243 XTPLMG728_2858* N 85.88 0.0
XTALMG727_0242* N N   
XopG XTALMG727_1016 XTPLMG728_2920 XTPLMG730_2662 75.58 3E-111
XopH XTALMG727_1259 N N   
XopI XTALMG727_3409 N XTPLMG730_3626 89.28 0.0
XopJ XTALMG727_3363 N N   
XTALMG727_3364* N N   
XopK XTALMG727_1234* XTPLMG728_3296* XTPLMG730_2968* 95.06 0.0
XopL XTALMG727_3597* XTPLMG728_2315* XTPLMG730_2526* 81.55 0.0
XTALMG727_3852* XTPLMG728_3529* XTPLMG730_3754* 58.94 1E-176
N N XTPLMG730_3767*   
XopN XTALMG727_1719 XTPLMG728_0715 XTPLMG730_2395 92.85 0.0
XopP XTALMG727_0476* XTPLMG728_1678* XTPLMG730_0352* 90.97 0.0
XTALMG727_1884* XTPLMG728_2570* XTPLMG730_3584* 86.94 0.0
N XTPLMG728_3453 XTPLMG730_0007 93.01 2E-125
N XTPLMG728_3824* N   
XopQ XTALMG727_3080* XTPLMG728_1854* XTPLMG730_2816* 97.69 0.0
XopR XTALMG727_2355 XTPLMG728_1451 XTPLMG730_1831 83.78 3E-124
XopV XTALMG727_0112* XTPLMG728_3243* XTPLMG730_2612* 90.94 0.0
XopX XTALMG727_1509 XTPLMG728_1839 XTPLMG730_0225 85.66 0.0
XTALMG727_2734 XTPLMG728_0930 XTPLMG730_2929 90.32 0.0
XopZ XTALMG727_0656 XTPLMG728_3741 XTPLMG730_1408 97.52 0.0
XopAM XTALMG727_2702* XTPLMG728_2341* XTPLMG730_3036* 96.69 0.0
XopAF N XTPLMG728_1151 N   
AvrXccA N XTPLMG728_0197 XTPLMG730_0963 96.77 0.0
- XTALMG727_0041* XTPLMG728_0463* XTPLMG730_1692* 87.88 3E-149
- XTALMG727_1653* N N   
  1. aAssigned effector classes based on sequence homology to T3Es listed in the publication of White et al. [36] and publically accessible data [34]
  2. bIdentified effector proteins are listed by the corresponding locus tags, while N indicates, that no homologous effector protein could be identified. The presence of PIP-boxes is indicated by asterisks (*)