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Fig. 5

From: Complete genome sequence of Leuconostoc gelidum subsp. gasicomitatum KG16-1, isolated from vacuum-packaged vegetable sausages

Fig. 5

Genome comparisons between L. gelidum strains and other leuconostocs. The comparison was done based on the BLASTN alignment and visualized using BRIG [67]. The genomes of L. gelidum subsp. gasicomitatum LMG 18811T (a) and KG16-1 (b) were used as references and are represented by the innermost black circles. L. gelidum subsp. gasicomitatum strains include LMG 18811T, KG16-1, C120c, C122c, KSL4-2, PB1a, PB1e, PL111, LMG 22919 (*genome erroneously assigned to L. inhae LMG 22919 T) and L. gelidum subsp. gelidum strains include LMG 18297T and JB7. One genome per Leuconostoc species (other than L. gelidum) was chosen for the comparisons. The outmost tracks show the location of prophage regions (designated as Ph) and other functionally interesting genes (designations used: MBP - mucus-binding protein LEGAS_0414; LBC - lacticin biosynthesis cluster; AccSecSyst – accessory Sec system; icaAB - biofilm formation genes; cna - collagen-binding protein; xylT - xylose-proton symporter; poxB - pyruvate oxidase)

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