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Fig. 1

From: Complete genome sequence of Leuconostoc gelidum subsp. gasicomitatum KG16-1, isolated from vacuum-packaged vegetable sausages

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic tree showing the relationship of L. gelidum subsp. gasicomitatum KG16-1 to other Leuconostoc species. The tree was built using T-REX web server [61] based on MUSCLE [62] aligned concatenated nucleotide sequences of atpA, pheS and rpoA genes (Genbank identifiers are listed in Table S1 of Additional file 1). Poorly aligned positions were removed using Gblocks [63] with default parameters and the tree was inferred using RAxML program [64] with GTRCAT substitution model and Bacillus subtilis as an outgroup. Bootstrap analysis was performed with 500 replicates. Type strains are identified with superscripted “T” and the availability of a sequenced genome is indicated with “*”

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