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Table 5 Pairwise comparison of Gramella echinicola and Gramella portivictoriae with 'Gramella forsetii' and Zunongwangia profunda using the GGDC 2.0 (Genome-to-Genome Distance Calculator). Digital DDH (dDDH) and the respective confidence intervals (C.I.) are specified for GGDC’s recommended formula 2

From: Comparing polysaccharide decomposition between the type strains Gramella echinicola KMM 6050T (DSM 19838T) and Gramella portivictoriae UST040801-001T (DSM 23547T), and emended description of Gramella echinicola Nedashkovskaya et al. 2005 emend. Shahina et al. 2014 and Gramella portivictoriae Lau et al. 2005

Strain 1 Strain 2 % dDDH % C.I.
G. echinicola DSM 19838T ’G. forsetii’ KT0803 21.3 2.3
’G. forsetii’ KT0803 G. portivictoriae DSM 23547T 18.6 2.3
G. echinicola DSM 19838T G. portivictoriae DSM 23547T 18.4 2.3
’G. forsetii’ KT0803 Zunongwangia profunda SM A87T 20.4 2.3
G. echinicola DSM 19838T Zunongwangia profunda SM A87T 18.6 2.3
G. portivictoriae DSM 23547T Zunongwangia profunda SM A87T 18.2 2.3