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Table 2 Project information

From: Complete genome sequence of the haloalkaliphilic, obligately chemolithoautotrophic thiosulfate and sulfide-oxidizing γ-proteobacterium Thioalkalimicrobium cyclicum type strain ALM 1 (DSM 14477T)

MIGS ID Property Term
MIGS 31 Finishing quality Finished
MIGS-28 Libraries used One 454 pyrosequence standard library, one 454 PE library (9 kb insert size), one Illumina library
MIGS 29 Sequencing platforms Illumina GAii, 454 GS FLX Titanium
MIGS 31.2 Fold coverage 1,521.2 × Illumina, 38.2 × pyrosequence
MIGS 30 Assemblers Newbler version 2.3, Velvet version 0.7.63, phrap version SPS – 4.24
MIGS 32 Gene calling method Prodigal
  Locus Tag Thicy
  Genbank ID CP002776
  GenBank Date of Release July 6, 2012
  GOLD ID Gc01777
MIGS 13 Source Material Identifier DSM 14477
  Project relevance Biotechnological, Bioremediation