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Table 5 Candidate chromate reductase genes from Thermoanaerobacter isolates BSB-33, Rt8.B1, SR4 and sp.X514

From: Complete genome sequence of the chromate-reducing bacterium Thermoanaerobacter thermohydrosulfuricus strain BSB-33

Enzyme Locus tag/locus Molecular function
T. thermohydrosulfuricus BSB-33 T. wiegelii Rt8.B1 T. siderophilus SR4 T. sp. X514
Metals reduced – Fe(III), Cr(VI), Mn(IV). Metals reduced - Not reported Metals reduced - Fe(III) Metals reduced – Fe(III), Co(III), Cr(VI), Mn(IV), U(VI)
Nitrite reductase B044DRAFT_0957 Thewi_0872    Nitrite reduction
[Ni-Fe] hydrogenase B044DRAFT_0240 Thewi_0045 WP_039929512.1   H2 production, oxidoreductase activity
[Fe-Fe] hydrogenase B044DRAFT_1055, 1062 Thewi_0980, 1985 WP_006569903.1 Teth514_2138 H2 production, oxidoreductase activity
Superoxide dismutase B044DRAFT_1026 Thewi_0942 WP_006570221.1   Decomposition of O2
NADH: flavin oxidoreductase (Old yellow enzyme) B044DRAFT_0057, 0449, 1188 Thewi_0012, 0323, 1077, 1542, 2612 WP_006569792.1, WP_003869984.1, WP_006570529.1 Teth514_0011, 0146, 1378 FMN binding, Oxidoreductase activity
Dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase B044DRAFT_0196, 0424 Thewi_0096, 0296, WP_006569279.1, WP_006569885.1, WP_039929255.1 Teth514_0234, 2038 FAD binding, oxidoreductase activity
Thioredoxin B044DRAFT_1246 Thewi_1131, 1183 WP_006570115.1 Teth514_1436, 1476 Iron ion binding, Iron sulfur cluster binding
Thioredoxin reductase B044DRAFT_1204 Thewi_2202 WP_003870064.1 Teth514_0924 oxidoreductase activity
Membrane bound      
Electron transport complex, Mbx (H(+) translocating) complex B044DRAFT_0131-B044DRAFT_0143 Thewi_0034-Thewi_0046 WP_006569860.1-WP_006569862.1, WP_006569864.1, WP_003869957.1- WP_003869960.1, WP_003869962.1- WP_003869964.1, WP_004399468.1, WP_039929512.1,   Oxidoreductase activity
Electron transport complex, RnfABCDGE Na(+) translocating     Teth514_0079 - Teth514_0084 Electron carrier activity and oxidoreductase activity